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Current Offerings (Fall 2018)

Please refer to the Schedule of Classes.

Catalog of Offerings

SOCY 600: Research Methodology

SOCY 601: Formal Organization Theory

SOCY 602: Power and Policy Formation

SOCY 604: Statistical Analysis

SOCY 605: Advanced Research and Evaluation Techniques

SOCY 606: Social Inequality and Social Policy

SOCY 608: Advanced Statistical Methods

SOCY 609: Sociological Theory

SOCY 610: Sample Surveys in Social Science

SOCY 611: Constructing Race, Class, & Gender

SOCY 614: The Evaluation of Educational Policy

SOCY 615: Higher Education and Social Inequality

SOCY 616: Cyberspace, Culture and Society

SOCY 618: SAS for Social Scientists

SOCY 619: Qualitative Methods in Social Research

SOCY 620: Social Epidemiology

SOCY 621: Immigration, Race, and Society

SOCY 622: Inequality in Education

SOCY 629: Aging in Cultural Context

SOCY 630: Sociology of Aging

SOCY 631: Family and Aging in Society

SOCY 632: Work and Retirement

SOCY 633: Gender, Work and Family in Cross-cultural Perspective

SOCY 634: Gender and the Life Course

SOCY 645: Health & Illness in the 21st Century

SOCY 650: Demographic Analysis

SOCY 651: Sociology of Health and Illness Behavior

SOCY 652: Health Care Organization and Delivery

SOCY 654: Comparative Health Systems

SOCY 655: Disability and Rehabilitation

SOCY 657: Social History of American Medicine

SOCY 658: Sociology of Mental Health and Illness

SOCY 660: Urban Sociology & Urban Policy

SOCY 663: Introduction to International Field Research

SOCY 670: Social Ties across the Life Course

SOCY 672: Issues in Aging Policy

SOCY 680: Applied Sociology

SOCY 681: Social And Institutional Roles Of Nonprofits

SOCY 685: Structure and Function of Nonprofit Organizations

SOCY 698: Advanced Selected Topics in Sociology

SOCY 699: Selected Topics

SOCY 701: Directed Independent Study

SOCY 711: Analytical Paper Research (Master’s Paper Research)

SOCY 758: Advanced Seminar in Medical Sociology

SOCY 778: Advanced Seminar in the Sociology of Aging

SOCY 799: Master’s Thesis Research

SOCY 801: Directed Independent Study

SOCY 7700: Master’s Special Study

Course Descriptions

Please refer to the UMBC Graduate Catalog for further information on the course descriptions and prerequisites for the courses.