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Current Offerings (Fall 2018)

Please refer to the Schedule of Classes.

Catalog of Offerings

SOCY 101: Basic Concepts in Sociology

SOCY 101H: Basic Concepts in Sociology-Honors

SOCY 101Y: Basic Concepts in Sociology

SOCY 201: Social Problems in American Society

SOCY 201: Concept Comm Dvlp

SOCY 204: Diversity and Pluralism: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

SOCY 205: Civic Agency and Social Entrepreneurship

SOCY 220: Urban Sociology

SOCY 235: Sociological Perspectives on Globalization

SOCY 297: Selected Topics in Sociology

SOCY 298: Selected Topics in Sociology

SOCY 299: Independent Study

SOCY 300: Methodology of Social Research

SOCY 301: Analysis of Sociological Data

SOCY 310: Social Stratification and Inequality

SOCY 315: Population and Society

SOCY 321: Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCY 330: Deviance in Contemporary Society

SOCY 332: Human Sexuality in Sociological Perspectives

SOCY 333: Human Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective

SOCY 334: Sexual Diversity

SOCY 335: Terrorism and Social Violence

SOCY 345: Sociology of Education

SOCY 349: The Sociology of Religion

SOCY 351: Medical Sociology

SOCY 352: Issues in Health Care

SOCY 353: Marriage and the Family

SOCY 354: Social Bases of Public and Community Health

SOCY 355: Sociology of Gender

SOCY 358: Contemporary Problems of Aging in Society

SOCY 359: Death and Dying

SOCY 361: Science and Society

SOCY 365: Sociology of the Labor Force and Occupations

SOCY 371: Criminology and Penology

SOCY 372: Juvenile Delinquency

SOCY 374: Drugs and Alcohol in Society

SOCY 380: Political Sociology

SOCY 391W: Seminar on AIDs for Health and Social Services Providers and Administrators

SOCY 396: Community Service and Learning Internship

SOCY 397: Selected Topics in Sociology

SOCY 399: Independent Study

SOCY 401: Thesis Research

SOCY 402: Honors Thesis

SOCY 403: Introduction to International Field Research

SOCY 406: Social Inequality and Social Policy

SOCY 409: Sociological Theory

SOCY 414: The Evaluation of Educational Policy

SOCY 415: Higher Education and Social Inequality

SOCY 416: Cyberspace Culture

SOCY 417: Applied Survey Techniques

SOCY 418: SAS for Social Scientists

SOCY 419: Qualitative Methods in Social Research

SOCY 420: Epidemiology

SOCY 430: Sociology of Aging

SOCY 431: Family and Aging in Society

SOCY 432: Work and Retirement

SOCY 433: Gender, Work, and Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective

SOCY 434: Gender and the Life Course

SOCY 450: Demographic Analysis

SOCY 451: Sociology of Health and Illness Behavior

SOCY 452: Health Care Organization and Delivery

SOCY 454: Comparative Health Systems

SOCY 455: Disability and Rehabilitation

SOCY 457: Social History of American Medicine

SOCY 458: Sociology of Mental Health and Illness

SOCY 459: The Sociology of Fertility

SOCY 460: Urban Sociology and Urban Policy

SOCY 470: Social Ties across the Life Course

SOCY 472: Issues in Aging Policy

SOCY 496: Internship Experience and Analysis

SOCY 497: Selected Topics in Sociology

SOCY 498: Seminar in Medical Sociology

SOCY 499: Independent Study

Course Descriptions

Please refer to the UMBC Undergraduate Catalog for further information on the course descriptions and prerequisites for the courses.