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HAPP Council of Majors Election

Nominations accepted through 4/13/18

April 11, 2018 2:49 PM
We are extending the deadline for elections until this Friday 4/13. You do not need any prior experience/HAPP COM attendance to apply! We are especially looking for people to fill the roles of President and Vice President. HAPP COM Board is a great way to gain leadership experience and become more involved in the major. Please forward this your other HAPP friends if they are not on the listserv!

Please use this link to nominate yourself: 

Here are the descriptions for each position: 
Please do not be intimidated to run for the executive board! We need eager HAPP COM members to fill each position!

Below are some requirements for those who may be interested. 
Rules for running for HAPP COM board:
1. Must have two semesters or more left as an undergrad at UMBC (1 year commitment).
2. Must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
3. Must be a HAPP major.
4. Must be willing to speak publicly at a HAPP COM meeting.
5. Member of HAPP COM. 
6. Can choose to campaign or not.
7. Can be a new HAPP student.
8. Can nominate self.
9. Nominations are unlimited.
10. Be available for board meetings with our advisor, Professor Katie Birger (usually on Wednesday's)
11. Be able/willing to fulfill the requirements for your position. 

If you are nominated, we will reach out to you personally.

For those who are interested, I have included a description of the positions.

Positions and Descriptions


Plan meeting agendas (in advance)

Run meetings (usually weekly)

Delegate tasks to board members

Get input from board members as well as HAPPCOM members

Communicate with adviser, guest speakers, partnering orgs, etc.

Make sure all campus/SGA org rules and guidelines are followed

Schedule events

Reserve room/space as needed

Vice President

Assist president with responsibilities listed above

Fill in for president at meetings/events if president cannot attend

Delegate tasks and/pr partner with board members to accomplish various projects

Communicate with President, board members, HAPPCOM members, etc.


Take meeting minutes

Send out minutes in weekly email as well as posting them in the myUMBC group

Various email communication as needed


Take care of any financial matters

Attend SGA Treasurer training (1-2 hours in beginning of Fall semester)

Getting funding through SGA using Request for Expenditure of SGA Funds (RESGAF) form

Attend SGA Finance board hearing as needed to get funding

Come up with fundraising ideas/strategies

Public Relations

Take care of any advertising/spreading information between the organization and the UMBC community/public (PR is like the face of HAPPCOM- keep a positive and connected image to the community)


Email communication as needed to guest speakers, etc.

myUMBC group

Facebook group

Positions are not limited to the responsibilities listed above. All board members assist with various tasks as needed, such as tasks that may not necessarily fit into their description. Giving input is one of the most important tasks for all board members to take part in. HAPPCOM cannot run without successful communication!

Please email for any questions!

University of Maryland Baltimore County
Health Administration and Policy Program Council of Majors 
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