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Current Offerings (Fall 2018)

Please refer to the Schedule of Classes.

Catalog of Offerings

HAPP 100: Survey of the US Healthcare System
HAPP 100Y: Survey of the US Healthcare System
HAPP 200: Human Development Implications for Health and Disease
HAPP 300: Research Methods in Health
HAPP 329: Geography of Disease and Health
HAPP 340: Health Communication
HAPP 350: Public Health Ethics
HAPP 354: Social Bases of Public and Community Health
HAPP 358: Bioethics
HAPP 380: Global Issues in Health and Disease
HAPP 390: American Health Care System and the Black Community
HAPP 391W: Seminar on AIDs for Health and Social Services Providers and Administrators
HAPP 398: Selected Topics in Health Administration and Policy
HAPP 401: Occupational Health Policy and Practice
HAPP 402: Environmental Health Policy and Practice
HAPP 403: Introduction to International Field Research
HAPP 405: Contemporary Issues in Long Term Care
HAPP 411: Health Regulation and Quality Improvement
HAPP 420: Epidemiology
HAPP 429: Seminar in Geography of Disease and Health
HAPP 452: Health Care Organization and Delivery
HAPP 470: Health Administration and Policy Program Internship
HAPP 495: Health Administration and Policy Internship
HAPP 496: Internship Seminar
HAPP 497: Health Planning and Adminstration
HAPP 498: Financial Management and Decision Support for Health Service Organizations
HAPP 499: Independent Study

Course Descriptions

Please refer to the UMBC Undergraduate Catalog for further information on the course descriptions and prerequisites for the courses.