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Current Offerings (Fall 2018)

Please refer to the Schedule of Classes.

Catalog of Offerings

ANTH 101: Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH 211: Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 211Y: Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 212: The Ethnographer’s World

ANTH 213: Focused Cultural Study: (region of the world/culture group )

ANTH 214: Focused Cultural Study: South Asia

ANTH 297: Selected Topics in Anthropology

ANTH 302: Human Evolution, Physical Anthropology and Archaeology

ANTH 304: Kin, Community and Ethnicity

ANTH 310: Ethnographic Film

ANTH 311: Urban Anthropology

ANTH 312: Medical Anthropology

ANTH 313: Applied Anthropology

ANTH 316: Anthropology of Religion

ANTH 317: Contemporary Problems in Anthropological Perspective : Special Topics

ANTH 318: Anthropology of Science and Technology

ANTH 320: Witchcraft and Magic

ANTH 322: Forensic Anthropology

ANTH 326: American Indian Cultures

ANTH 367: The Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 382: Global Flows in Local Worlds:The Anthropology of Globalization

ANTH 397: Selected Topics in Anthropology

ANTH 399: Independent Study

ANTH 400: Anthropological Theory

ANTH 401H: Honors Thesis Research

ANTH 402: The Ethnography of Communication

ANTH 402H: Honors Thesis Research

ANTH 416: Cyberspace Culture

ANTH 419: Qualitative Methods in Social Research

ANTH 424: Psychological Anthropology

ANTH 480: Anthropological Research: Capstone

ANTH 497: Advanced Selected Topics in Anthropology

ANTH 499: Independent Study

Course Descriptions

Please refer to the UMBC Undergraduate Catalog for further information on the course descriptions and prerequisites for the courses.